Winslow's Farm

Winslow’s Farm grows high quality, delicious vegetables and raises happy, healthy animals. We take a holistic approach to our land stewardship, keeping in mind that our production operations are in the context of a larger landscape that we can help support and enrich.




Winslow’s Farm eggs come from our happy flocks of pastured laying hens. Their mobile coops move every day and the girls hop out each morning to hunt grasshoppers, eat grass and flowers and dust bathe wherever they please. We rotate the chickens after harvests in the fall to help keep pest pressure down (they find lots of larval stage beetles trying to over-winter), to eat weed seeds and to fertilize the soil for the following spring. Our eggs can currently be purchased at our restaurant, Winslow’s Home.


Doug and Dacia are cultivating a herd of American heritage Myotonic meat goats. The herd is rotated around the whole farm for sustainable management of forage, for control of invasive and nuisance species like bush honeysuckle and poison ivy and to help keep the fence lines cleaned up. They are born in the pasture and they stay in the pasture until the day they go to the processor. Goats thrive on brush-covered, narrow, ‘messy’ areas that don’t provide food for other livestock. They browse and eat grass, working to find the most nutrient dense bites, requiring little to no supplemental feed for most of the year.

Black Angus Beef

A small herd of Black Angus beef cows is also kept on the farm, rotating through the pastures. The beef is used at Winslow’s Home, and will be available to Farm Share members as well.


Winslow's Farm is located in Augusta, Missouri.

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