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Winslow’s Farm grows high quality, delicious vegetables and raises happy, healthy animals. We take a holistic approach to our land stewardship, keeping in mind that our production operations are in the context of a larger landscape that we can help support and enrich.


Farm Shares Membership

2019 Farm Shares are currently sold out!


Farm Shares

In 2019, Winslow’s Farm is excited to offer our second year of Farm Shares under the supervision of our Farm Manager, Doug Williams. We are eager to offer this Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) membership as it offers you a direct connection with your food, your farmers and your community.

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The share includes 22 weeks of fresh, responsibly-grown produce picked at the peak of the season. Pick-up is market-style, which increases member choice, meaning you never ever have to take a bunch of beets if you don’t like them, or you can get a whole lot of tomatoes if you want to preserve them. There will be no farm share pickups the Mondays of Memorial Day (5/27/2019) and Labor Day (9/2/2019)

Members have the option to pick up their share on the farm or at our partner restaurant, Winslow’s Home. Members may choose either location each week; you don't have to commit to one or the other for the whole season. The on-farm pickup option gives members a chance to see the changing fields throughout the season, pick a few extra crops, see the animals, talk with the farmers and spend time under a big sky with no cell service.

One share is for one family unit for pick-up; if you plan on sharing the share with somebody else, it's up to you to administer the dividing and scheduling, and we ask that one party take the lead on communication with us. The share is a good fit for a couple that likes to cook or a family with kids. If you’re a distance runner eating Paleo (or a farmer!), you could eat the entire share yourself.

Winslow’s Farm is an integral part of our restaurant, Winslow’s Home. To share that relationship with our members, Chef Cassy Vires will share recipes throughout the season to inspire our members with dishes that feature the fresh ingredients they receive.

Members will also be invited to a pre-season potluck and mock pick-up in April on the farm to get to know each other, ask questions and see how the farm works.

How does pick-up work?

Each week, we will set out the harvest on tables with a board that lists that week's 'items' and how many you can take. For example, an 'item' might be 1lb of kale. A spring pick-up may have the options of: head lettuce(2), arugula(1/2lb--limit 2 units), scallion bunch, green garlic(2), radish bunch, carrots(1lb), bok choi, kale(1lb), strawberries(1 pint--limit 2 units), pea shoots, and eggs, with the option to take 8 items.

This week, you could choose to take: head lettuce(2), 2 lbs of carrots, eggs, 2 lbs of kale, a bunch of scallions, and a bunch of radishes.

Or, your share could look like: 2 units of arugula (1lb), 2 bunches of radishes, a bok choi, 1lb carrots, and 2 pints of strawberries.

Both of these add up to 8 items.

In the early summer a week might look like: cucumbers(3), zucchini(2), cherry tomatoes(1 pint), kale(1lb), red onion(1lb), green peppers(2), garlic(2), Chinese cabbage, carrots(1lb), fresh basil bunch, cantaloupe or green melon, sunflower shoots, and eggs, and that may be a Pick 11.

Full season Share Price ($850)

Member shares are $850 for the season. Each share is held with a non-refundable deposit of $150 that is due upon signing up for the CSA. The balance of $700 is due no later than 4/15/2019.


Winslow's Farm is located in Augusta, Missouri.

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