Winslow's Farm

Winslow’s Farm grows high quality, delicious vegetables and raises happy, healthy animals. We take a holistic approach to our land stewardship, keeping in mind that our production operations are in the context of a larger landscape that we can help support and enrich.

Member Potluck & Harvests Begin

   Last Sunday we had our inaugural member potluck, and it was just as wonderful as I'd hoped! We toured the growing fields and pet all the animals, and it was a joy to meet our new community. It reminded us why we do things the way we do them: a direct relationship to the people eating the food.
    This spring is wild. We had deeply cold soil temps throughout March and into the middle of April, snow flurries and a good little freeze the night of April 16th, pushing us a couple days past our 'frost-free' date. We've had spring plantings in the ground since March 15th, but they hadn't budged for almost a month. And then, suddenly, the sun shone and the soil started warming up, and everything leapt. We hit high 80s last week, and will be in the 90s this week, just three weeks after we were consistently freezing. Plants are sprinting to catch up, and some of our first brassica plantings are bolting, or going to flower, because of the rapid change between extremes. That means they're mostly lost, though we will harvest some rapini and flowers. We always expect to lose some things, but it still makes me pout for a day or two!
    The kale, cabbages, lettuces, and carrots all look great, peonies are on the edge of bursting, and the pastures are turning the kind of green that grows before your eyes. The chickens, goats, and cows are all luxuriating in the abundance of food. The humans are, too--I've eaten about ten radishes a day for a week. We start share distribution this coming Sunday/Monday, and we'll see our market customers again this Saturday, and the menus at our favorite restaurants are featuring our produce again… It feels good to be back in the swing of things.

Winslow's Farm is located in Augusta, Missouri.

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