Winslow's Farm

Winslow’s Farm grows high quality, delicious vegetables and raises happy, healthy animals. We take a holistic approach to our land stewardship, keeping in mind that our production operations are in the context of a larger landscape that we can help support and enrich.

About the Farmers

Kasey Peters and Trevis Carmichael

Both born and raised in Eastern Nebraska, surrounded by big, industrial agriculture, Trevis and Kasey found themselves looking for a better way to grow food and steward land at about the same time they found each other. They met in college at the University of Nebraska, each working in a different department of the University’s crop research lab, and promptly began an internship on a startup CSA farm near Trevis’ hometown. That first season cemented their relationship with each other, as well as their commitment to this kind of farming. They moved together to the east coast for four years, working on and visiting many farms before circling back to the Midwest. Kasey began as Farm Manager for Winslow’s Farm in January of 2016 and Trevis came onto the farm full time in the summer of 2017. They brought with them a small herd of Myotonic Goats and an American Heritage breed raised for meat and brush management.

Kasey and Trevis consider themselves pragmatic idealists—they’ve got real big dreams, a healthy sense of humor and spreadsheets.


Trevis grew up on a small family farm where his parents raised cows, pigs, rabbits, bees and many vegetables and fruits. Trevis’ passions include human development and education, especially in a farm-based or natural setting. Trevis pursued a Masters’ in Education and Montessori accreditation and taught three years as a Montessori guide. He believes in incorporating farm-based education into his life work. He enjoys making, eating and thinking about making and eating ice cream and he is usually reading multiple science or natural history books.


Kasey’s childhood began in a farming community, walking beans as a kid and butchering with her family each winter. In college, she nearly committed to a life in academia, but after working a couple months in the basement of a library for a historical records project, realized she needed to do something with her body to keep ahold of her mind. In farming she found an application of mind, body and energy that proved both exhausting and sustaining. She likes pickles, hauling water to animals in the winter and is a budding flower grower.


Carrie Mitchell

Carrie was born and raised in St. Louis and developed a love of the outdoors at a young age while spending weekends in the Ozarks and Mark Twain National Forest. Her interest in natural history led Carrie to study ecology and evolutionary biology at Tulane University in New Orleans where she strengthened her passion for environmental ethics. She eagerly studied all topics related to the field of ecology from conservation reserve design to climate science to plant systematics and, inevitably, agriculture. She realized farming could combine all of her values in a way that benefits and nurtures both humans and our planet. 

Carrie came to Winslow’s Farm in the spring of 2015, working a few days a week. She soon found that, in addition to fulfilling her need to work outdoors and her passion for ecology, farming helped her find balance in both physical and mental health. Three farm seasons later, Carrie is now a full-time member of the team, working as an assistant manager expanding farm flower production and research and development for processed goods made from farm crops and resources Mother Nature provides. 


Winslow's Farm is located in Augusta, Missouri.

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